A Research Unit of Bunshi BioSciences Pvt. Ltd

 Bunshi Bioscience Pvt. Ltd. manufactures high quality Molecular Biology Research and Teaching Kits. Our range of products yield high quality results and are highly cost effective.  

Research and Teaching Kits

  • Plant DNA Isolation Kits
  • Bacterial DNA Isolation Kits
  • Plasmid Isolation Kits
  • RNA Isolation Kits
  • Bacterial Transformation Kit
  • Ligation Kits
  • Restriction Digestion Kits
  • Competent Cells Preparation Kit
  • Molecular-Biology Reagents and Solutions, and many more

Contract Research Services

  • Genomic DNA Isolation Service
  • PCR Optimization Service
  • PCR Sequencing Service
  • Plasmid Isolation Service
  • DNA Sequencing Service
  • Primer Design and Synthesis Service
  • DNA Fingerprinting Services





Molecular Biology Kits and Reagents

1. Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

2. Plant Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

3. Fungal Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

4. CTAB Cell Lysis Buffer

5. 50X TAE 

6. 10X TE Buffer

7. DNA Loading Dye (Blue)

8. EtBr Solution for DNA visualization

9. 0.5M EDTA Solution

10. Nuclease-free Water

11. Molecular grade distilled water

12. DEPC Water

13. 10X Running Buffer for SDS PAGE

14. 10X PBS Buffer

Culture Media

1. LB Media Broth for bacteria growth

2. BG-11 Media for cyanobacteria growth

3. SOC Media for bacterial transformation



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