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About Us

Bunshi Bioscience Pvt. Ltd. is the first well equipped private Molecular-Biology based Biotechnology laboratory in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Registered at Ministry of Corporate Affairs, under Companies Act 2013, Government of India. Also registered under Start-up India programme and a registered MSME. We develop and manufacture best in class Molecular Biology research kits, instruments and consumables that perform consistently at the highest level of precision and accuracy. We are committed to offer our customers the finest quality and the most dependable laboratory products available. 


We create the best to serve the best.

We also provide Contract Research Services to Scientists, PhD Scholars and Professors.

Our Awards and Recognitions:

2. Start-Up India, Government of India
3. Start-Up recognized by ABVIL, Government of Jharkhand
4. DPIIT Certified (Certificate No.: DIPP14981)
5. ISO 9001:2015 Certified Laboratory
6. Nominated in Top 500 Start-Ups, 2019

Skill Development Programmes
Our Skill Development Unit, Aakriti Biotechnology (ISO 9001:2015) was established in 2015 and has trained more than 300 biotechnology aspirants from all over India. Our skill development unit is headed by our founder and director Dr. Deepak Kumar. Being experienced in academics, research and industry, students can gain from the vast 18 years experience and plan their career accordingly. 

Our trained students have secured positions in companies like Biocon, Molecular Diagnosis labs, etc.

Our training expand the opportunities and vision of students, helping them to push the boundaries in the field of life science, turning them into Highly Skilled Professionals for Research and for Industry.

Laboratory Facilities

1. UV-Vis dual beam Spectrophotometer

2. Dry Bath

3. High precision electronic weighing balance 

4. Probe Sonicator

5. Magnetic Stirrer

6. Soxhlet Apparatus

7. Distillation Unit

8. Thermal Cycler

9. Gel Documentation System

10. Microscope

11. Ice Maker

12. - 20 degrees deep freezer

13. Laminar Air Flow Cabinate

14. Hot Air Oven 

15. Incubator

16. Cooling Centrifuge

17. Electrophoresis Apparatus

18. Transilluminator 


Our Team

Director: Dr. Deepak Kumar

M.Sc, PhD. Served 8 years in Coffee Board, Government of India. There are 46 research publications in his name in reputed national and international journals. The publications also include 26 nucleotide sequences submitted at NCBI Database.

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NCBI Data base Acc. Numbers

 Advisory Committee:

1. Dr. Aditya Kumar Gupta

  • Professor, Department of Biotechnology. Central University of Rajasthan.
  • Member of Academic Council, Central University of Rajasthan/

2. Dr. Sudhanshu Saxena

  • Scientist, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

3. Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra

  • Divisional Head - Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology Centre, Coffee Board of India.


1. Ganesh Ramesh Pawar and Deepak Kumar (2016) Antibacterial Activity of Cyanobacteria and its Extract Against Intestinal Pro-Biotics System. International Journal of Scientific Research Volume : 5 | Issue : 3 | March 2016

2. Rahul Anand, Bhavana Singh, Divya Kumari, Deepak Kumar (2016) Identification of Nitrogen Fixing Cyanobacteria By PCR Amplification of Nif Genes. Indian Journal of Applied Research Volume : 6 | Issue : 8 | August 2016 |
ISSN - 2249-555X | IF : 3.919 | IC Value : 74.50, pp 109-111.

3. Rahul Anand, Bhavana Singh, Divya Kumari, Deepak Kumar (2016) Identification of microcystin producing Cyanobacteria by PCR based  method.Indian Journal of Applied Research . . Volume : 6 | Issue : 12 | December : 2016 | ISSN - 2249-555X | IF : 3.919 | IC Value : 79.96   pp 651-653

4. Rukhsar Parween, Rahul Anand and Deepak Kumar (2017) A study to differentiate the nitrogen fixing and microcystin producing cyanobacteria by TLC profiling. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. VOLUME-6 | ISSUE-6 | JUNE-2017 | ISSN No 2277 - 8179 | IF : 4.176 | IC Value : 78.46

5. Rahul Anand, Pappu Kumar, Gaurav Kumar, Nilesh Kumar … and Deepak Kumar (2017) TLC profiling of Cymbopogon citrates (lemon grass) by using soxhlet apparatus. Paripex-Indian Journal of Research.Vol 6, Issue 5, IF 5.761|IC value 79.96

6. Rukhsar Parween, Kahkesha Perween, Amreen Rahman and Deepak Kumar (2017) A Study on Medical Waste Management in Ranchi District with reference to increase in antibiotic resistance in Hospital Sewage.International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol 6, Issue 4, IF 4.176|IC 78.46


About the Training

  • Aakriti Biotechnology, Ranchi offers training for the duration of 2 - 6 months throughout the year in different areas / modules of Biotechnology to B.Tech/M.Sc./B.Sc. students.
  • Students are allowed to perform the experiments/techniques by themselves, under expert guidance.
  • Sufficient theoretical knowledge is also provided to enhance their skill and improve them to select proper documents for research.
  • Students are trained in scientific writing to generate a proper research documents/dissertation by their own.
  • Students are encouraged for Research paper writing and publication.
  • Hands-on training programs are also conducted regularly to help students enhance their practical skills.